2017 Report

Press Release


Alarm Sales Tactics (7/30/18)

Choosing the Right Contractor (8/2/18)

How to Safeguard Your Wallet on the Road (8/6/18)

NYC Puts the Brakes on Deceptive Financing and Sales Practices at Used Car Dealerships (8/9/18)

Crowdfunding 101 (8/13/18)

Beyond the Lease: Things a Landlord May Exaggerate or Forget to Tell You (8/16/18)

Protect Yourself from Door-to-Door Sales Scams (8/20/18)

What to Know in Case You’re Towed (8/23/18)

Tips to Consider Before Buying a Timeshare at the Latest Vacation Hotspot (8/27/18)

Things to Know Before You Switch Your Electric Supplier (8/30/18)

Don’t Let Imposters Scare You (9/4/18)

Trusting a Car Dealer to Pay Off Your Loan Can Be a Risky Business (9/6/18)

Phone Sense (9/10/18)

Things to Consider Before Going Solar (9/13/18)

A Quick Guide to Managing Your Money and Avoiding Debt Trouble (9/17/18)

Protect Your Identity (9/20/18)

Free Trials That Aren’t Free (9/25/18)

New Twists and Five Lessons from the CFA Consumer Complaint Survey (9/27/18)

Home Improvement Projects: Preventing Your Dreams From Turning Into A Nightmare (10/1/18)