Conferences and Events

Consumer Assembly

Each year, Consumer Federation of America’s Consumer Assembly serves as the consumer movement’s principal meeting where issues are debated and new initiatives are presented. Since the Assembly’s inception in 1967, thousands of consumer activists and representatives of cooperatives, trade unions, business, government, and the press have participated in this annual conference.

National Food Policy Conference

The National Food Policy Conference is a key national gathering for those interested in agriculture, food and nutrition policy. It explores the critical food policy issues of the day with an unusually diverse mix of policymakers, advocates and scientists. Major speakers include cabinet members and leaders on food and agriculture policy on Capitol Hill.

CFA’s Awards Dinner

Each year in June, CFA recognizes several individuals who have made exceptional progress in American consumerism. CFA honors these outstanding people who have made significant contributions by improving the marketplace, eliminating fraud, promoting consumer health and safety and providing consumer information. Award recipients are selected by CFA’s board of directors.

Financial Services Conference

Federal and state policy makers and regulators continue to address pressing banking, insurance, investment, and real estate issues affecting consumers, after more than two decades of financial services deregulation and reregulation. To keep consumer advocates and educators informed about these issues, the Consumer Federation of America presents an annual conference on financial services, planned with the assistance of consumer groups and the financial services industry.

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