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Banking & Credit
Auto Loans Jack GillisStephen Brobeck
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Rachel Weintraub
Credit Cards Christopher Peterson
Credit Scores/Reporting Susan Grant
Debt Susan Grant
Payday/High-cost Loans Christopher Peterson
Payments Susan Grant
RALs/Tax Preparation Christopher Peterson
Communications Mark Cooper
Internet Mark Cooper
Media Concentration Mark Cooper
Telephone Mark Cooper
Competition & Regulation Mark Cooper
Antitrust Mark Cooper
Intellectual Property Rights Mark Cooper
Regulatory Reform Rachel Weintraub
Consumer Protection Susan Grant
Auto Sales/Service Jack GillisSusan Grant
Civil Justice Rachel Weintraub
Consumer Complaints Susan GrantJack Gillis
Fraud Susan Grant
Trade Susan Grant
Energy Mel Hall-Crawford
Electricity Stephen Brobeck
Home Energy Mark Cooper, Mel Hall-Crawford
Motor Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Mark CooperJack Gillis
Oil and Gas Mark Cooper
Food & Agriculture Thomas Gremillion
Meat/Poultry Inspection Thomas Gremillion
Food and Drug Administration Thomas Gremillion
Other Food Safety Issues Thomas Gremillion
Ag Policy/Food Prices Thomas Gremillion
Nutrition Thomas Gremillion
Housing Barry Zigas
Homeownership Barry Zigas
Mortgages Barry Zigas
Real Estate Barry Zigas
Community Reinvestment Act Barry Zigas
GSE’s Barry Zigas
Insurance Robert Hunter
Auto Robert HunterStephen Brobeck
Homeowners Robert Hunter
Life/Credit/Disability James HuntStephen Brobeck
Medical Malpractice/Tort Robert Hunter
Insurer Practices/Profits Robert Hunter
Federal Regulation Robert Hunter
Investor Protection Barbara Roper
Corporate Governance Barbara Roper, Micah Hauptman
Investment Products Barbara Roper, Micah Hauptman
Investment Professionals Barbara Roper, Micah Hauptman
Market Regulation Barbara Roper, Micah Hauptman
Privacy Susan Grant
Government Surveillance Susan Grant
ID Theft/Data Security Susan Grant
Privacy in Marketplace Susan Grant
Product Safety Rachel Weintraub
Auto Safety Jack Gillis
Off-Highway Vehicles Rachel Weintraub
Children’s Products Rachel Weintraub
Consumer Product Safety Commission Rachel Weintraub
Other Product Safety Rachel Weintraub
Saving & Spending
Financial Education/Planning Stephen BrobeckBarbara Roper
Saving Stephen Brobeck