CFA membership is open to non-profit organizations that seek to advance the consumer interest through advocacy, research, education, or service.

Our more than 250 members include several dozen national advocacy groups, more than 100 state and local advocacy and education groups, about 100 public power and cooperative groups, a couple dozen state and local consumer protection agencies, and other pro-consumer groups. While their annual dues payments range as high as $20,000, most organizations contribute between $75 and $1,000 annually.

CFA membership entitles these organizations to elect the Board of Directors, develop and vote on policy positions, receive “CFAnews Update” and other publications for free, qualify for discounted conference registrations, and participate in activities that serve different member constituencies. State and local consumer group members can participate in a listserv and roundtable discussions, and qualify for organizational development grants and travel assistance to CFA events.

Additional information about membership, including an application form, is available from the CFA office. Please contact Sara Cooper at or 202-387-6121. Applications are reviewed at Board meetings.