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FDA Officials Pledge Actions to Improve US Diets
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National Consumer Group Calls on Ohio to Stop Widow’s Penalty
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Consumer Groups Encourage USDA Secretary to Continue Efforts to Make Chicken Products Safer
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Warren Condemns Deceptive and ‘Outrageous Behavior’ by Student Loan Giant Navient
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Warren Warns Navient Taking ‘advantage’ of Borrowers in Suggesting Refinance of Student Loans
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Brokerages Warned by SEC Over Conflicts of Interest Tied to Pay
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Car Insurers’ Pandemic Windfalls Prompt a Response in Springfield, with Consumer-Minded Reforms Planned
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It’s Time to Fix Illinois’ Auto Insurance Market
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Watchdog: No Relationship Between Commissions and Home Prices
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Inflation Is Soaring. Time to Rethink Your Emergency Savings.
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Lawmakers Propose Single Food Safety Agency
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Public Action Groups Call for Separate Food Arm at Fda to Streamline Food Safety
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Groups Scrutinize Pandemic Auto Insurance Premiums, Profits
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Car Insurers’ Pandemic Windfalls: Illinois Insurers Could Have Given You Bigger Refunds, Maintained Same Profits
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Ftc Lawsuit: Walmart Stores Turn ‘blind Eye’ to Wire Transfer Fraud, Enable Millions in Scams
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A New Regulator Is Stepping Into the ‘rent-A-Bank’ Ring
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Here’s How Much Money You Can Actually Save Switching To LED Light Bulbs
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An N.J. Bill Would Require Some People to Have More Insurance. We Could All Suffer.
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New Federal Regulations Should Prevent Infant Injuries and Deaths at Sleep Time
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New DOL Fiduciary Rule Pushed to December
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Rules to Curb Credit-Card Late Fees Get Fresh Look at CFPB
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Those Trying to Stop Human Illnesses from Poultry Won’t Give Up
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Dismissal of Class Action Rate Suit Against Geico Upheld in New York
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Electronic Arts’ ‘loot Box’ Is ‘looting’ Players, Allege Consumer Groups
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Biden Signs Law Banning Child Products Linked to Hundreds of Deaths
June 2 – WALB-TV

Groups Urge U.S. to Probe ‘loot Box’ on Electronic Arts Video Game
June 2 – Reuters

Started in Va. with A Whimper, Ended with A Bang; Schapiro: Started in Va. with A Whimper, Ended with A Bang
June 2 – Richmond Times-Dispatch

WesBanco Bank Again Receives the America Saves Designation of Savings Excellence
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California Wants To Force Insurers To Reward Homeowners For Fireproofing Homes
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Michiganders Are Being Target By The Grandparent Scam
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Consumer Federation: Montana Auto Insurers Often Charge Women More Since State Repealed Ban on Sex-Based Pricing, Despite Commissioner’s Promise
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Commentary: Thomas Gremillion — to Avoid Next Crisis, Make Food Safety Priority
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New Report Shows how TAB Bank and Easy Pay Finance’s Predatory Loans Harm Veterans and Servicemembers
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Food Safety Must Become a Bigger Priority
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United States Bans Crib Bumpers and Infant Inclined Sleepers
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Baby Formula Crisis: To Avoid the Next Infant Formula Crisis, Make Food Safety a Priority
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Lawmakers Delve Into Insurance Practices Amid Pandemic
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Price Fixing Has Sent Realtor Commissions Soaring in An Already Hot Market, Lawsuit Alleges
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President Biden Signs ‘Safe Sleep for Babies Act’, Will Prohibit Sale of Crib Bumper Pads
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