Product Safety

Supreme Court Decision in West Virginia vs. Environmental Protection Agency Will Limit Ability to Protect the Public

Washington, D.C. – Today the United States Supreme Court released their decision in the case of West Virginia vs. EPA. The court blocked the ability of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to regulate greenhouse gas emissions which impact climate change while still allowing the EPA to use its authority to address climate change.

“This decision not only impacts the ability of the EPA to regulate under the Clean Air Act, but also could have vast implications on rulemaking by agencies generally,” stated Rachel Weintraub, Legislative Director and General Counsel with Consumer Federation of America.  “Americans depend upon all of our regulatory agencies to protect them: to ensure the air they breathe, products they purchase and food they eat are safe, and that our financial services and marketplace are fair. This decision gives regulated market participants and others who want to oppose regulations another tool to thwart necessary protections.”

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