Our coalition members have signed onto letters opposing proposed ordinances, laws and polices that would endanger the public by increasing recreational ATV access to roads.

Alaska Department of Public Safety 4/15/21

House of Representatives 3/14/18
House of Representatives 3/13/17

Canon City Council 3/18/22
Colorado Department of Transportation 10/30/20
West Ranch Home Owners Association 8/22/19
Colorado Department of Transportation Director Goolsby 10/25/18
Colorado Department of Transportation 10/25/18
Hinsdale County Board of County Commissioners 10/24/18
Town of Lake City Board of Trustees 10/24/18
Cripple Creek City Council 5/18/17
Pitkin County Board of County Commissioners 3/29/17
Granby Board of Trustees 4/19/2016
Brush City Council 8/8/2015
Colorado General Assembly 2/24/2015

Mesa Colorado Board of County Commissioners 10/14/14

Virginia City Council and Board 12/17/21
Lee County Board 9/7/21
Teutopolis Village Board 8/9/21
Jasper County Board 4/20/17
Illinois General Assembly 2/18/16

Avilla Town Council 10/15/21
Seymour City Council 10/15/21
Washington ATV Committee 9/20/21
Board of Commissioners of Delaware County 11/28/17
Madison County Commissioners 9/27/17
Montgomery County Board of Commissioners 3/29/17
Brownstown Council 3/3/17
Tippecanoe County Commissioners 6/12/15
Tippecanoe County Indiana County Commissioners 4/17/14

Cerro Gordo County Board of Supervisors 11/3/22
Marshalltown City Council 8/16/22
Marion City Council 4/11/22
Waverly City Council 10/25/21
DeWitt City Council 10/22/21
Indianola City Council 9/20/21
Kossuth County Board of Supervisors 9/20/21
Tama County Board of Supervisors 9/20/21
Peosta City Council 9/7/21
Page County Board of Supervisors 9/7/21
Poweshiek County Board of Supervisors 8/9/21
Centerville City Council 7/20/21
Dyersville City Council 3/1/21
Clinton City Council 10/19/2020
Bellevue City Council 8/13/2020
Audubon City Council 5/15/2020
Linn County Board of Supervisors 3/2/2020
Columbus Junction City Council 9/5/19
Linn County Board of Supervisors 9/5/19
Dubuque County Board of Supervisors 7/3/19
Jasper County Board of Supervisors 1/28/19
Des Moines County Board of Supervisors 9/26/18
Woodbury County Board of Supervisors 9/26/18
Dubuque County Board of Supervisors 7/3/18
Des Moines County Board of Supervisors 04/18/2018
Webster County Board of Supervisors 04/18/2018
Audubon County Board of Supervisors 1/26/18
Cass County Board of Supervisors 1/26/18
Wapello City Council 10/25/17
Humboldt City Council 7/21/2017
Boone City Council 5/18/17
Peosta City Council 8/12/16
Osage City Council 7/25/16
Lee County Board of Supervisors 5/5/16
Allamakee County Board of Supervisors 4/25/16
Iowa OHV Association 3/4/16
Jefferson County Board of Supervisors 3/4/16

Delaware County Board of Supervisors 3/4/16
Louisa County Board of Supervisors 12/15/15
Humboldt County Board of Supervisors 12/18/15
Cherokee City Council 10/19/15
City of Swisher 6/8/15
Belmond City Council 5/29/15
Iowa Independence City Council 4/16/2015
Clayton County Iowa Board of Supervisors 4/01/2015
Sac County Iowa Board of Supervisors 5/1/14
Kossuth County Board of Supervisors 5/1/14

Hays City Commission 7/20/21
Girard City Council 10/25/18
Fort Scott City Commission 7/21/16
Garden City Kansas City Commission 1/21/15
Girard Kansas City Council 8/28/14

Edmonton City Government 8/14/18

Jackson Select Board 10/22/21
Fairfield Town Council 3/1/17
Maine Department of Transportation 3/1/17
Maine Department of Agriculture 3/1/17
Swans Island Board of Selectmen 3/4/16
Millinocket Maine Town Council 8/20/14

Allegany County Board of Commissioners 9/4/18
Garrett Board of County Commissioners 8/21/2017

Big Rapids City Commission 3/18/22
Brown City Council 9/7/21
St. Joseph County Road Commission 2/14/19
Bethel Township Board 9/17/18
Kingsford City Council 4/20/17

Glenwood Board of Commissioners 8/16/22
North Branch City Council 7/13/22
Austin City Council 9/4/18
City Council of Norwood Young America 6/20/18
Crow Wing County Board of Commissioners 2/23/18
Sleepy Eye City Council 10/19/17
Aitkin County Board 8/21/2017
Carlton County Board of Commissioners 6/23/2017
Park Rapids City Council 6/22/2017
Itasca County Board of Commissioners 3/20/17
Fergus Falls City Council 1/13/17
Two Harbors City Council 8/15/16
St. Louis County Commissioners 2/4/16
Winona County Commissioners 1/29/16
St. Louis County Board 9/8/15
Crosslake City Council 8/8/15
Redwood County Board 6/8/15
Le Sueur County Board of Commissioners 7/22/15

Wahoo City Council 3/28/23
York City Council 4/25/22
Nebraska Transportation and Telecommunications Committee 3/18/22
North Platte City Council 1/12/22
Nebraska City City Council 10/19/17
Schuyler City Council 6/14/16

Elko City Council 9/26/18
Spring Creek Association 10/25/17
Elko County Nevada County Commissioners 5/1/14

New Hampshire
Colebrook Select Board 9/7/21
Hopkinton Select Board 9/8/15

New Mexico
Las Cruces City Council 11/18/19
Town Council of Silver City 6/15/18
Carlsbad City Council 5/18/17
Alamogordo City Commission 7/1/16
San Juan County Commissioners 5/2/16
Bloomfield City Council 5/2/16
New Mexico Governor Martinez 2/18/16
New Mexico Legislature 2/5/16
New Mexico House Transportation and Public Works Committee, 03/26/2015

New York
Town Board of Pitcairn 04/18/2018
Town Board of Hermon 04/18/2018
Town Board of Russell 04/18/2018
Town Board of Canton 04/18/2018
St. Lawrence County Board of Legislators 04/18/2018
Town Board of Pierrepont 04/18/2018

New York State Legislature 3/8/18
Village of Carthage Board of Trustees 2/7/17
Wellsville Town Board 12/23/16
New York Senate 6/12/15
Brasher Town Board 5/29/15
New York State Assembly A04971-A Ways and Means Committee 6/19/14

North Dakota
Grand Forks City Council 3/8/17
Jamestown City Council 10/27/15
Jamestown City Council 7/8/15

Nelsonville City Council 7/20/21

Oklahoma Senate Public Safety Committee 5/1/14

Enterprise Oregon 10/11/19
Oregon Transportation Commission 1/9/2019
Oregon House Committee on Transportation and Economic Development 2/24/2015

Sandy Township Board of Supervisors 4/11/22
Boggs Township Board of Supervisors 3/18/22
Coudersport Borough 10/14/2020
Coudersport Borough 9/1/2020
Upper Burrell Pennsylvania 7/27/2020
Morris Township 5/18/2020
Gilpin Township Supervisors 7/1/19
Pine Township Board of Supervisors 5/13/19
Houtzdale Borough Council 2/14/18
Borough of Ridgway Council 1/26/18
Mill Hall Borough Council 10/19/17
Cameron County Board of Commissioners 8/8/2017

Borough of Ridgway Council 3/29/17
Ridgway Township Board of Supervisors 3/29/17
Emporium Borough Council 2/17/17
Hampton Township Pennsylvania Council 10/6/14
Letter in support of New Castle City Pennsylvania City Council’s Proposed Ban 5/27/14

South Carolina
Fripp Island Property Owners Association 1/18/17

Tennessee General Assembly 3/7/16
Tennessee General Assembly 1/21/15

Utah State Senate 2/21/17
Governor of Utah, 3/26/15

Royalton Selectboard 3/18/22
Chelsea Selectboard 12/17/21
Moretown Selectboard 9/7/21
Westmore Selectboard 6/15/21
Morristown Selectboard 4/16/21
Pownal Select Board 6/23/20
Charleston Selectboard 6/19/20
Newport Vermont 10/11/19
Craftsbury Selectboard 8/19/19
Highgate Selectboard 2/14/18
Brighton Selectboard 5/24/17

Mount Holly Select Board 12/12/16
State Senate Committee on Transportation 3/8/16
Mount Holly Vermont Select Board 4/8/15
Mount Holly Vermont Select Board 5/1/14

Washington State House Transportation Committee 3/18/22
Clark County Council 7/27/2020
Washington State House of Representatives House Transportation Committee 3/6/2019
Washington State Senate Senate Transportation Committee 3/6/19
Snohomish County 09/07/18
Monroe City Council 11/28/17
Centralia City Council 8/8/2017
Grant County Board of County Commissioners 4/20/17
Moses Lake City Council 3/17/17
Lewis County Commissioners 7/29/16
Waitsburg City Council 7/25/16
Klickitat County Board of County Commissioners 9/23/15
Dayton City Council 7/22/15
Okanogan County Board of Commissioners 6/19/15
Forks City Council 5/29/15
Washington Acting Forest Supervisor 3/26/15
Winthrop Washington Town Council 8/20/14
Supervisor Laura Jo West Colville National Forest 7/7/14
Asotin County Washington County Commission 6/13/14
Omak City Washington City Council 5/27/14
Benton County Board of County Commissioners 5/20/14
Clallum County Washington Board of County Commissioners 5/14/14
Okanogan County Washington County Commissioners 5/12/14
Kittias County Washington County Commissioners 5/1/14
Supervisor Mike Balboni Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest 5/1/14

West Virginia
Follansbee Council 1/15/21
Elkins, WV Rules & Ordinances Committee 10/30/20
Division of Natural Resources 7/18/18
State Senate 3/8/16

Village of Salem Lakes Board 5/4/23
Town of Buchanan Supervisors 10/13/22
Jefferson City Council 8/16/22
Town of Port Washington Town Board 4/11/22
Columbus Common Council 11/23/21
Mayville Common Council 10/15/21
Chilton Public Safety Committee 9/20/21
Vilas County Board 9/7/21
Oregon Town Board 8/9/21
Union Grove Village Board 8/9/21
Town of Dunn Town Board 8/9/21
Suamico Village Board 7/20/21
Beaver Dam Town Board 7/20/21
Town of Spooner Board of Supervisors 4/12/21
Clintonville Common Council 1/15/21
Medford City Council 11/30/2020
Wisconsin Dells 9/1/2020
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources 9/1/20
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources 8/21/20
Town of Belgium 7/27/2020
Tomah City Council 12/12/19
New London Board of Public Works 9/17/19
Douglas County Board of Supervisors 9/10/19
Reedsburg Ordinance Committee 8/22/19
Medina Town Board 8/22/19
Kewaunee County Board 5/21/19
Superior City Council 10/25/18
Tomah City Council 10/12/18
Town Board of Berry 9/21/18
Town Board of Supervisors of Black Earth 9/21/18
Town Board of Blue Mounds 9/21/18
Town Board of Supervisors of Cross Plains 9/21/18
Town Board of Dane 9/21/18
Town Board of Middleton 9/21/18
Town Board of Perry 9/21/18
Town Board of Pleasant Springs 9/21/18
Town Board of Roxbury 9/21/18
Town Board of Supervisors of Vermont 9/21/18
Village Trustees of Black Earth 9/21/18
Village Board of Trustees of Blue Mounds 9/21/18
Village Board of Cross Plains 9/21/18
Village Board of Mount Horeb 9/21/18
Village Board of Trustees of Waunakee 9/21/18
Town Board of Mazomanie 9/20/18
Village Board of Mazomanie 9/20/18
Sauk County Board 9/17/18
Boulder Junction Town Board 8/23/18
Dell Prairie Town Board 8/16/18
Village of Stratford Board of Trustees 8/16/18
City of Superior City Council 7/26/18
Platteville Common Council 7/18/18
Common Council Members of the City of Berlin 6/28/18
Wolf River Town Board 4/10/18
Lafayette County Board of Supervisors 12/29/17

Town of Plum Lake 12/29/17
Marinette County 10/25/17
Grant Town Officers 5/19/17
Newbold Town Board 1/24/17
Dodge County Board of Supervisors 8/8/16
Vernon County Board of Supervisors 5/17/16
Plover Town Board 1/29/16
Douglas County Board of Supervisors 11/17/15
Wisconsin Price County Board of Supervisors 3/26/15
Crystal Lake Wisconsin Town Board 11/12/14
Eagle River Wisconsin City Council 9/11/14
Pepin Township Wisconsin Board 8/20/14
Salem Wisconsin Town Board 5/1/14


Despite High Death Toll, Push Is On To Open More Public Roads to ATVs – See more at: http://www.fairwarning.org/2014/03/despite-high-death-toll-push-is-on-to-open-more-public-roads-to-atvs/#sthash.bnP7o50j.dpuf