Ralph Nader Statement on Bob Hunter’s Retirement

“Bob Hunter has been the greatest advocate for consumer justice against the insurance industry in American history. As a trained actuary, and having been Federal Insurance Commissioner and later Texas Insurance Commissioner, Bob knew where the machinations, frauds and gouging were in this secretive industry. With geniality, he won battle after battle against insurance giants and their corporate attorneys. He combined deep knowledge with a profound commitment to defend hundreds of millions of defenseless policyholders. His successes at the Consumer Federation of America are hard to exaggerate. Consumers should be relieved that Bob Hunter, with his customary volunteer expertise, will still be taking on the insurance industry’s fine print gouging and the weak state insurance regulators contemplating their future positions in the industry. He’s working on getting over $30 billion in auto insurance refunds due consumers during the pandemic when motor vehicle traffic and claims were declining.”

-Ralph Nader