Product Safety

Consumer Safety Groups Urge CPSC to Take Stronger Action Against Dangerous Inclined Sleep Products

In a letter to Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Chairman Ann Marie Buerkle, consumer safety groups including CFA express strong concern that CPSC’s May 31, 2018 announcement “Caregivers Urged To Use Restraints With Inclined Sleep Products” puts the onus on parents and caregivers to protect against the hazard posed by inherently unsafe inclined sleep products, the use of which does not align with American Academy of Pediatrics safe sleep recommendations. In addition, the CPSC announcement mentions that the agency “is aware of infant deaths associated with inclined sleep products,” but does not provide clear information about which products have been associated with deaths. We are concerned that this announcement could be taking the place of stronger and more appropriate compliance and enforcement actions by the Commission to get dangerous products off the market, and also that one of the main suggestions for consumers in this statement—to secure restraints while using the product—may not prevent deaths linked to use of this type of product.

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