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Consumer and Medical Groups Urge The New York State Senate And Assembly To Vote in Favor of Legislation to Prohibit the Sale of Crib Bumper Pads And Ban Their Use In Child Care Facilities

Leading consumer and medical groups are supporting S.3788-A /A.217A in the New York State Senate and General Assembly, which would prohibit the sale of crib bumper pads and restrict the use of such pads in certain settings.

Crib bumper pads are an unnecessary decorative item for cribs that offer no protection from serious injury. No research shows that crib bumper pads serve an injury prevention purpose, yet data does show that they have been linked to dozens of infant injuries and deaths as a result of suffocation and strangulation.These statistics and reports of fatalities have prompted state and local governments in places like Maryland, Ohio, and Chicago, Illinois, to ban the use of crib bumper pads. Still, crib bumper pads are available for sale online and at some outlets in states like New York, where many infants remain at risk for suffocation and strangulation.