Motor Vehicle Fuel Efficiency

New Bill Would Roll-Back MPG Savings, Punishing SUV and Truck Buyers

Hard-Working Americans, Especially Those that Need Larger Vehicles for Family and Work, Would Suffer Most

Washington, D.C. – A bill introduced in the Senate today by Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Missouri) would provide automakers with undeserved credits toward meeting fuel economy standards, impacting the efficiency of all vehicles but especially larger vehicles, according to Jack Gillis, Director of Public Affairs for CFA and author of The Car Book.

“By using expired credits and stealing credits from cars, automakers would saddle truck owners and families with outdated gas-guzzlers instead of providing them with the modern, efficient utility vehicles they need,” said Gillis. “The last thing moms or dads driving their kids to school, small business tradespeople, and large families need is to spend more money on gas.”

The vast majority of Americans – Republican and Democrat, from the Midwest to the Coasts, do not want these standards rolled back. And numerous cost-benefit analyses show that these standards will save consumers thousands of dollars over the life of the vehicle in reduced gas costs, even at today’s lower fuel prices, which inevitably will be going up.

The bottom line is that supporting these loopholes is saying it’s OK to burden Americans with higher fuel costs,” concluded Gillis. “Automakers are experiencing steady year-over-year record profits and sales. We do not need to provide special giveaways to huge corporations at the expense of families and hard-working tradespeople.”

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