Motor Vehicle Fuel Efficiency

Higher Fuel Economy Standards for Big Trucks Save Consumers Money

Final Standards are a Win-Win-Win for Consumers, Trucking Industry and U.S. Economy

Washington D.C.—The Consumer Federation of America (CFA) applauds new efficiency and emissions standards for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles released today by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency.

“We urged the agencies to set standards that would achieve meaningful fuel economy improvements and significant consumer savings, and we got them,” said Jack Gillis, CFA’s Director of Public Affairs and vehicle expert. “For a long time, an efficiency gap has forced consumers to pay the freight for inefficient shipping. These standards will save consumers money, just as other energy efficiency goals have saved families and businesses money on the total cost of owning and operating cars, light-duty trucks, and home appliances such as refrigerators and water heaters”

CFA calculates that the average American family spends more than $1,100 per year on indirect freight truck fuel costs passed on to consumers. That’s almost as much as the average family spends on household electricity.

According to CFA’s most recent poll on the issue, over 90 percent of Americans understand that the fuel costs of medium- and heavy-duty trucks transporting consumer goods are passed on to them. And nearly three-quarters of respondents support requiring manufacturers to increase the fuel economy of these vehicles.

“The new rules are long-term, technology- and product-neutral, address the needs of consumers and industry, and promote healthy competition that benefits consumers, manufacturers and the economy overall,” said Mark Cooper, CFA’s Director of Research. “The trucking industry will benefit. Consumers will save. And the economy will thrive. It’s a win-win-win.”

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