Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

CFA Statement on Resignation of Leandra English from the CFPB

Resignation is the Latest Development in the Trump Administration’s Ongoing Chaotic Transition at the Consumer Bureau

Washington D.C. This afternoon attorneys for Leandra English, the former Deputy Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, announced her plans to step down from the agency. Ms. English’s departure will resolve lingering uncertainty over whether she or President Trump’s choice of White House Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney was legally entitled to temporarily head the agency.

“Director English deserves our thanks for her public service and for diligently fulfilling her role as a civil servant,” said Christopher Peterson, the Director of Financial Services at the Consumer Federation of America. “Now that the President has fulfilled his constitutional role of nominating a permanent director for consideration by the Senate, it is understandable that Ms. English would prefer to move on.”

“After months of delay, the country still does not have a confirmed director to lead this critical consumer protection agency,” said Peterson. “The Trump administration needs to put its chaotic transition period behind and focus on ensuring our country’s financial services are safe, fair, and transparent.”

Contact: Christopher L. Peterson, 202-387-6121 x1020