Adam Rust

Director of Financial Services

Adam Rust is the Director of Financial Services at the Consumer Federation of America, a non-profit association of nearly 250 national, state, and local pro-consumer organizations. His portfolio covers non-bank credit, payments, and banking oversight. He advocates for the interests of consumers in areas at the nexus of emerging technology and finance, including the use of artificial intelligence and digital assets. In his role, he has responsibility for coordinating regulatory and legislative activities.

Most recently, Adam was a Senior Policy Advisor at the National Community Reinvestment Coalition, where he pursued the organization’s policy agenda for fintech, consumer lending, and payments. From 2005 to 2020, he was Director of Research at Reinvestment Partners (RP), an advocacy and community development non-profit organization in Durham, North Carolina. While at Reinvestment Partners, he led a socially responsible LLC that enrolled over one thousand workers into FDIC-insured bank accounts. He has served two terms on the Board of Directors of the US Faster Payments Council. After publishing a book on community development policy for manufactured housing, he represented consumers on the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Manufactured Housing Consensus Committee.

He has master’s degrees in Journalism from the University of Missouri (1997), City and Regional Planning from UNC-Chapel Hill (2003), and Finance from Indiana University (2016).