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ATV Deaths Increase Slightly for Children, Injuries by All Riders Decreased Read the Full Story
CFA Applauds Bill to Protect Children from Detergent Packet Poisoning Read the Full Story
CFA Applauds Pres. Obama's Call for Strengthened Retirement Protections Read the Full Story
Annual Savings Survey Reveals Across-the-Board Improvement in Past Year Read the Full Story
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Current Policy Priorities


Competition In Wireless Market Stifled By AT&T and Verizon
CFA filed comments at the FCC on auction rules for the TV spectrum

Verizon Spectrum Purchase Jeopardizes Wireless Competition
Deal with comcast would raise prices and restrict choices

Consumer Protection/Privacy

Protect Consumer Privacy
Don't ignore consumers' Do Not Track preferences

Get Smart Against Identity Theft
Protect yourself, friends and family

Consumers Embrace New Fuel Economy Standard
54.5 mpg standard shows consumer demand strong, automakers meeting the challenge, and electrics gaining popularity

Improve Energy Efficiency of Home Appliances
CFA analyzes energy consumption and savings of digital devices & California's leadership role in setting standards

Ensure Foods Are Properly Labeled
CFA urges Obama Administration to appeal WTO decision on COOL

Ensure Food is Safe to Eat
Coalition urges USDA to declare antibiotic-resistant strains of salmonella as adulterants

Richard Cordray Confirmed as Director of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
CFA applauds U.S. Senate for voting to confirm Cordray

Lower Rates for State-Mandated Auto Insurance
In lowest income zip codes, major insurers charging safe drivers more than $500 per year for state-mandated auto insurance

Require Brokers to Put Investors' Interests First
Groups propose pro-investor framework for SEC fiduciary rulemaking

Protect Consumers Against Online Payday Loan Abuses
New legislation seeks to close loopholes and protect consumers' bank accounts

New Law Guts Key Investor Protections
Include investor protections in JOBS act rulemakings

Protect Servicemembers from Abusive, High-Cost Credit
CFA lauds Obama Administration and DoD for proposed rule closing MLA Loopholes

Protect Lower-Income Taxpayers' Tax Refunds
New report documents evolving tax-time financial products market

Extend Mortgage Refinancing to Paid-Up Borrowers
CFA supports president's proposal

Keep Mortgage Loans Safe and Affordable for Consumers
CFA joins consumer and lender groups to make recommended action to consumer financial protection bureau

Protect Consumers from Adult Portable Bed Rails
CFA and other organizations file a petition with the CPSC to ban adult portable bed rails

Oppose Regulatory Reform Bills Jeopardizing Consumer Safety
CFA urges U.S. House to strongly oppose H.R. 367, the REINS Act

Improve Window Covering Voluntary Standards
CPSC votes to develop mandatory safety standards for window coverings to protect children

Ensure Children's Products are Safe
CFA and other organizations mark fifth anniversary of CPSIA

Low Income Child Safety
Children from low-income families face greater safety risks

Prevent ATVs from Operating on Public Roads
States are increasingly allowing ATVs on roads despite warnings from industry, advocates and federal government