Researchers have documented a sharp increase in harmful alcohol use during the COVID-19 pandemic, which threatens to compromise public health long after the last lockdowns and stay-at-home orders are lifted. In addition to social isolation and economic stress, public policies—including relaxed restrictions on home delivery and health claims for alcohol, and deep tax cuts for the alcohol industry—have helped to drive higher alcohol consumption. Why are consumers drinking more, and why does it matter? What public policies are available to nudge consumers towards healthier, and better informed choices? Why aren’t ingredients, calories, and other nutrition facts included on alcoholic beverage labels? A panel of experts will discuss these and other questions.


Melissa Maitin-Shepard
Founder and Principal, MMS Health Strategies, LLC


Dr. Raimee H. Eck – PowerPoint
Past President, Advocacy Co-Chair, Maryland Public Health Association

Thomas M. Gremillion – PowerPoint
Director of Food Policy, Consumer Federation of America

Dr. Timothy Naimi – PowerPoint
Director, Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research

Cassandra Tourre – PowerPoint
Director of Public Policy, National Alcohol Beverage Control Association

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