Consumer Product Safety Commission

Consumer Groups Urge CPSC to Amend FY 2019 Operation Plan to Prioritize Several Consumer Safety Issues

In a letter to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), CFA and other consumer organizations, express concern over the Commission’s Fiscal Year (FY) 2019 Operating Plan, which the agency will use to implement its priorities over the next 12 months. The groups identify how the plan diverges from the CPSC’s FY 2019 Performance Budget Request to Congress and previous Operating Plans adopted in recent years in several ways including a de-emphasis on essential CPSC staff work on several mandatory safety standards. Prior to adopting the FY 2019 Operating Plan, the groups strongly urge the Commission to amend the plan to address these concerns. The letter also highlights consumer safety issues that the groups believe CPSC should prioritize in FY 2019, including portable generators, furniture tip-overs, safe sleep, lithium-ion and coin cell batteries, ATVs, magnet sets, window coverings,, and liquid nicotine poisoning prevention.

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