Auto Insurance

Consumer Federation of America Sends Recommendations to Louisiana Task Force on Making Auto Insurance More Affordable

In Letter, CFA Urges Banning of Unfair Non-Driving Factors, Increased Transparency in Rate Setting, and Requiring Premium Refunds

Consumer Federation of America submitted a letter to the Louisiana Task Force on Affordable Auto Insurance, detailing recommendations on how to make auto insurance more affordable and reduce premiums. Louisiana is one of the most expensive states in the country for auto insurance.

The letter makes the following points: 1) Regulators and legislators should ban the use of non-driving factors like credit scores, education, and occupation that increase people’s premiums and result in unfair discrimination, 2) They should repeal the state law that says insurance rates are not excessive if the market is competitive, 3) They should require insurers to demonstrate that their data and algorithms do not disparately harm communities of color, 4) They should promote transparency in insurance rate setting so consumers can have additional rate information and make more decisions, and 5) Auto insurers should be required to give back premium refunds they charged to drivers during the COVID-19 pandemic.