CFA Urges Oklahoma General Assembly to Prohibit the Use of Credit Score When Setting Auto Insurance Premiums

In testimony before an Interim Study Committee in the Oklahoma legislature, CFA Direct of Financial Services Tom Feltner presented information on CFA’s research into auto insurance affordability for low-wealth individuals and unfair pricing practices such as the use of credit scores to determine auto insurance premiums. There are important questions as to whether state-mandated auto insurance is priced fairly and affordably in Oklahoma. Both the use of credit scores and other personal and economic characteristics in the pricing of insurance leads to an unnecessary burden on low- and moderate-income Oklahomans who are trying to comply with the mandatory insurance law. High insurance premiums act to deny these residents economic opportunity and the ability to insure a car that is so critical to getting to the best job for which they are qualified and also help explain why so many low-wealth Oklahomans drive without insurance. Thus, CFA recommends that the Oklahoma General Assembly prohibit the use of credit scores when setting auto insurance premiums.