The Relationship between Funeral Price Disclosures and Funeral Prices: A California Case Study

New research shows that California funeral homes that use a legal loophole to hide prices tend to charge more for basic services than do funeral homes that prominently disclose prices.  The research was prepared by the Funeral Consumers Alliance (FCA) and Consumer Federation of America (CFA) and released with Consumer Action of California. The research showed not only significant price differences between price disclosers and price hiders but also a huge range of prices in the six areas studied – City of Sacramento, City of San Francisco, Alameda County, City of Los Angeles, Orange County, and City of San Diego.  Prices ranged from $250 to $4,370 for a basic services fee, from $525 to $4,115 for direction cremation, and from $495 to $4,715 for immediate burial without casket.