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The Potential for Consumer Cost Savings Through Retailer Display of Signage About LED Light Bulbs

In the U.S. and the world a light bulb revolution is taking place.  Light bulbs are becoming much more energy efficient in large part because new light emitting diode (LED) light bulbs are replacing traditional incandescents and CFL bulbs, and are competing with halogen bulbs.  This LED light bulb revolution offers huge pocketbook benefits to consumers.  In a survey of several dozen popular 60-watt equivalent light bulbs undertaken in the spring of 2017, CFA estimated that a household using at least 20 light bulbs could save $1,000 or more in a decade by using LEDs in place of incandescent or halogen bulbs.

To advance the light bulb revolution – to the benefit of consumers and the economy – nonprofits, government, manufacturers, and retailers must play important roles.  Nonprofits need to urge governments to set and enforce energy efficiency standards for light bulbs and also inform consumers about the huge cost savings from using LEDs.  Governments need to set, implement, and enforce standards for these bulbs.  Manufacturers need to embrace the standards.  And retailers need to prominently display LEDs and use signage to inform customers about their lower costs.

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