Consumer Protection

Former Virginia Assistant Attorney General Joins CFA as New Director of Consumer Protection

Washington, D.C. – Today, Jack Gillis, Executive Director of the Consumer Federation of America, is announcing that Erin Witte, former Virginia Assistant Attorney General, is joining CFA as the new Director of Consumer Protection. A graduate of George Mason University School of Law, Witte brings over a decade of experience prosecuting violations of federal and state consumer protection laws.

“Erin Witte’s background and experience is exactly what we need to continue CFA’s long-standing expertise as a leading consumer protection organization in the United States,” said Gillis. “Her experience prosecuting consumer abuses and her knowledge of consumer protection law will amplify CFA’s efforts to address consumer challenges in an increasingly complex marketplace.  It’s appropriate that we are welcoming Witte during National Consumer Protection Week.”

As the Director of Consumer Protection, Witte will be advocating for consumer protections in Congress and at regulatory agencies, communicating policy positions to the press and the public, organizing meetings with stakeholders on consumer protection issues, and providing educational tools for consumers to help them navigate marketplace challenges. Witte is replacing Susan Grant in this position. Grant will continue to address privacy issues as a CFA Senior Fellow.

While serving as a Virginia Assistant Attorney General, Witte served as litigation counsel, creating and developing case strategies that prioritize consumer protection objectives. In addition to her decade of experience litigating consumer protection cases, Witte has taught Virginia attorneys how to identify and prosecute fraudulent business practices and how to handle ethical dilemmas in court proceedings that correlate with consumer law violations. She also has a public service background with the Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project and the Fairfax County Office of the Public Defender.


Contact: Jack Gillis, 202-939-1018