CFA Urges Overhaul of Antitrust Oversight to Recalibrate Regulations for a Digital Age

House Antitrust Subcommittee Takes Crucial Step in Rebooting Woefully Lax Antitrust Regulations for the Modern Digital Age

Washington, D.C. — Today, the Consumer Federation of America sent a letter to the leadership of the House Judiciary Committee supporting its effort to reform the oversight of big data platforms. This follows our recent Senate testimony outlining the most effective approach to regulating big data platforms.

“The industry has taken the position that any constraint on its actions will end the digital revolution and dramatically increase costs for consumers. The Consumer Federation of America emphatically disagrees,” said Mark Cooper, CFA’s Director of Research.

“The House Judiciary Committee and Antitrust Subcommittee is doing exactly what Congress should do to reboot needed oversight of the dominant incumbent digital platforms. The Committees have identified general practices that must be reformed, given concrete recommendations, and provided increased resources for implementing these needed actions,” Cooper added.

Finally, said Cooper, “We also support and recognize that the recommendations keep Congress out of the business of trying to pick winners, when they are just as likely to pick losers. Instead, all the remedies on the table empower antitrust and regulatory experts to use their judgement, based on the clear goals defined by Congress, to build adequate consumer protections in the world of big data.”

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