Motor Vehicle Fuel Efficiency

Biden Administration’s Proposed Vehicle Standards and EV Commitments Help Put USA Back on the Road to Sensible, Money Saving Standards

Making the Nation’s Commitment to EVs Voluntary is Very Risky and Apparent Loopholes Still Exist

Washington, D.C. – Today, President Biden announced plans to override the previous administration’s rollback of clean car standards.  While this proposal improves on the Trump Administration’s gutting of the Obama-era vehicle standards, it is rumored to include significant loopholes and vehicle emissions credits that will effectively weaken the rule.  Additionally, an executive order signed today sets a goal of having electric vehicles account for 50% of new sales by the year 2030.  However, the automakers agreement is voluntary and non-binding, leaving America to trust automakers who’ve let us down in the past.

“Despite our concerns, the President’s proposal will save financially strapped Americans money, increase the availability of electric vehicles, provide good-paying jobs, and move us to cleaner air,” said Jack Gillis, CFA’s Executive Director.  “Our surveys over the past decade show that consumers want more efficient vehicles and support Federal standards that require improvements.  In addition, they understand that gas prices will continue to fluctuate, so future standards will protect their pocketbooks.”

“Carmakers have let Americans down in the past and failed to abide by their commitment to increased efficiency.  The voluntary nature of the President’s proposal opens the door to more broken promises.  The standard should have a requirement that automakers actually produce EVs, not promise that they will,” said Gillis.

“We are no longer stuck in reverse. The Environmental Protection Agency and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have started the process of once again strengthening clean car standards, but we will again urge the agencies to provide consumers with the strongest possible, loophole free, fuel economy and tailpipe emission standards in order to save American families money.  The EPA and NHTSA need to seize this moment by making up for lost time and savings with ambitious, forward-looking standards that will also serve to maintain a strong, competitive automotive manufacturing sector. Strong clean car standards will grow our economy and spur the burgeoning EV market.  Ambitious clean car standards are central to the Administration’s stated promises to make bold investments in climate, jobs and justice, as well as to electrify the transportation sector for all,” said Dr. Mark Cooper, CFA’s Director of Research and principal author of the CFA report: Trump’s $2 Trillion Mistake: The War On Energy Efficiency.

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