CFAnews Update – July 29, 2022

Congress Must Act to Strengthen Airline Consumer Protection Regulations The Consumer Federation of America (CFA) joined a coalition of consumer and passengers’ rights groups urging Congress to expand and strengthen airline consumer protection regulations in the upcoming 2023 Federal Aviation Administration Reauthorization process. The airline industry received over $50 billion of relief during the COVID-19 … Continued

The FTC’s Proposed Auto Dealer Rule (Part 1): Yo-Yo Financing

For the first time in over a decade, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has proposed a rule directly addressing unfair and deceptive financing practices by auto dealers. The proposal contains a host of prohibited misrepresentations, required disclosures, and specific requirements pertaining to the sale of add-on products. The FTC explains at length the problems that … Continued

CFAnews Update – June 29, 2022

SEC Should Finalize its Proposed Climate Disclosure Rule Without Undue Delay CFA submitted comments to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in support of its proposal to enhance and standardize climate-related disclosures for investors, urging speedy finalization of the proposed amendments to the SEC’s disclosure rules. The proposed rule is urgently needed because current voluntary … Continued

Digital Wallets – Peer-to-Peer “P2P” Payment Systems

Mobile payment apps and peer-to-peer payment systems have become prolific among American consumers, with 4 in 5 Americans using these apps, which include Venmo, Zelle, CashApp, and Paypal. What started as a way for consumers to send money instantaneously has grown into a method to make online purchases, pay bills, and more. As mobile and … Continued

How Racial Discrimination in Homeowners Insurance Contributes to Systemic Racism and Redlining

Over the last few years, policymakers and advocates have become increasingly aware of the role that housing discrimination plays in systemic racism and unfair discrimination, denying people stable homes and economic opportunity. But one area of housing discrimination has remained extremely understudied: homeowners insurance. While it may not be as flashy as other aspects of … Continued

CFAnews Update – May 26, 2022

The Baby Formula Crisis is a Food Safety Crisis: An In-Depth Look As U.S. military airlifts come in with baby formula from Europe, Thomas Gremillion, CFA’s Director of Food Policy, offered an in-depth look into the causes of the nationwide baby formula shortage and what steps must be taken to avoid the issue in the … Continued

First and Foremost, the Infant Formula Crisis is a Food Safety Crisis

As the U.S. military airlifts baby formula into the country from Europe, and harried parents continue to encounter bare shelves, policymakers are understandably asking how we got into this mess. Corporate consolidation, regulatory barriers to entry, even import tariffs, all may deserve some reconsideration, but let’s not forget that a food safety failure lies at … Continued

CFAnews Update – April 28, 2022

Groups Urge State Insurance Departments to Investigate Racial Bias in Insurance Claims Handling After a recent New York Times investigation detailed extensive allegations of discrimination against Black policyholders in both its insurance claims handling and its anti-fraud efforts, CFA and the Center for Economic Justice (CEJ) wrote to all state Insurance Commissioners, urging them to investigate racial bias in … Continued

While Consumers Struggled During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Auto Insurance CEOs Earned Massive Bonuses

Over the past several decades, income inequality has greatly increased as consumers struggle and corporate executives make massive profits. During the COVID-19 pandemic this trend continued and one industry saw especially large gains-auto insurance companies. A review of auto insurer executive compensation found that in 2020 and 2021 CEOs took home hundreds of millions of … Continued

CFAnews Update – March 28, 2022

CFA Adds Key Staff for Investor and Consumer Protection Roles This month the Federation announced the appointments of Micah Hauptman as the new Director of Investor Protection and Erin Witte as the new Director of Consumer Protection. Hauptman formerly served as Counsel to Securities and Exchange Commission Commissioner Caroline Crenshaw, and prior to that role, … Continued

CFAnews Update – February 28, 2022

Long-Serving CFA Director of Insurance Retires After serving 27-years with the Federation, J. Robert “Bob” Hunter, CFA’s Director of Insurance, retired earlier this month. Prior to joining CFA, Hunter created and ran the National Insurance Consumer Organization (NICO) for 13-years, had leading roles in both state and federal government, first as the U.S. Federal Insurance … Continued

Billionaire’s Twitter Comments on Telematics Show Consumer Interest Is Not a Priority for Him

Telematics programs, where auto insurance companies rely on in-car tracking devices to gather information about your driving habits and use that information to calculate premiums, hold promise but also dangers for consumers. Therefore, regulators need to implement safeguards and exercise adequate oversight to ensure that consumers aren’t exploited. A recent case aroused the ire of … Continued

CFAnews Update – January 28, 2022

Parents Warned About Leachco Infant Loungers Product safety advocates are urging consumers to immediately stop using several Leachco infant loungers following an announcement from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) about two infant deaths related to the products. “This is a product we’ve been urging the CPSC to address for years,” said Rachel Weintraub, … Continued

CFAnews Update – December 16, 2021

Acting Comptroller Hsu Calls for Overdraft Fee Reform at CFA’s Financial Services Conference At CFA’s 34th Annual Financial Services the Acting Comptroller of the Currency Michael Hsu explained how overdraft practices contribute to income and wealth inequality and outlined what banks can do to reform overdraft programs. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) released a … Continued

After Tort Reform Failure, Time for Real Insurance Reform

It’s no secret that auto insurance is expensive in Louisiana, to the point that it is very expensive for many families. The average auto insurance premium is $2,225 per year—56% more than the national average. And so far, auto insurance premiums have climbed 2% this year. Since Louisiana requires all drivers to have auto insurance, … Continued

CFAnews Update – November 30, 2021

Consumer Groups Urge FIO to Focus on Insurer’s Role in Addressing the Cost of Climate Change on Consumers CFA led several consumer and economic justice organizations in calling on the Federal Insurance Office (FIO) to take a leading role in addressing climate change and its impact on insurance costs for consumers and impacted communities, and … Continued

Washington, We Need Every Dollar of Housing Aid

Housing aid is threatened in Washington as the Build Back Better Act reconciliation package moves toward a vote. The original $327 billion housing portion is by far the largest and most needed investment in affordable housing in decades. This aid must be protected from deep reductions if we are to address California’s and the nation’s housing … Continued

CFAnews Update – October 22, 2021

CFPB Must Regulate Fee-Based Earned Wage Access Products CFA has joined 95 consumer, labor, civil rights, legal services, faith, community, and other financial organizations urging the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) to reverse two actions regarding earned wage access (EWA) products that threaten to create dangerous loopholes in federal consumer protection and fair lending laws … Continued

What Information Do Auto Insurers Use in Telematics Programs to Calculate Your Rates? Consumer Reports Has the Answer

Since the 1990s, major auto insurers have established telematics programs, which use consumer-generated driving data to calculate auto insurance premiums. These companies use information gathered from plug-in devices and mobile apps to track a variety of information. While these programs show some promise for promoting safe driving and more accurately calculating rates, they also pose … Continued

CFAnews Update – September 29, 2021

Long-Standing CFA Director of Investor Protection Moves on to SEC Barbara Roper, CFA’s long-standing Director of Investor Protection, has left the Federation after 35-years of service for a critical position at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). “Barb Roper has likely been one of the most influential and effective protectors of the American investor … Continued

California Poised to Protect Genetic Privacy

California is poised to lead the way again on privacy protection if Governor Gavin Newsom signs SB 41, a bill that requires direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic testing companies to obtain consumers’ permission before disclosing their genetic data to third parties and limits the ways this sensitive information can be used without their consent. As Consumer Federation … Continued

CFAnews Update – August 9, 2021

Groups Outline Airline Consumer Protection Priorities for DOT Consumer organizations, including CFA, called on the Department of Transportation (DOT) to make airline consumer protection a priority in a July meeting with Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. At the meeting, the groups presented the Secretary with a list of airline consumer protection priorities. “The Department of Transportation … Continued