Consumer Groups Call on Senate Subcommittee to Maintain, and Enhance Protections Against Unwanted Robocalls

In a testimony to the Senate Subcommittee On Communications, Technology Innovation, CFA and other consumer groups urged the the Subcommittee, Congress and the FCC to uphold the current Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), as well as taking several steps to protect consumers from the growing problem of unwanted robocalls, which are becoming increasingly relentless. With robocalls increasing by over 370% since December 2015, action is needed  rein in this relentless scourge. To address the problem, these five steps should be taken:

  1. We need to be able to identify who the caller is when calls come in to our phones.
  2. The TCPA’s broad scope must be upheld so that it applies to the unwanted automated calls
    Americans receive.
  3. The rules must give us the ability to limit and control the calls to our phones.
  4. Sellers must not be allowed to hide behind the third parties they hire.
  5. The rules must be enforceable in a way that provides a) individuals harmed with the ability to
    obtain redress for their harms, and b) incentives to the callers to comply with the law.