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CFA & Other Food Advocates Ask Congress to Step Up to Ensure Healthy, Safe and Affordable Food

Recent stimulus bills have provided important assistance to food banks, school nutrition programs, and farmers and restaurants forced to close. But the legislation leaves out other critical protections for consumers. Without paid sick leave, many workers at the nation’s largest food companies will face perverse incentives to show up to work when suffering the symptoms associated with COVID-19. And without adequate protection, in the form of personal protective equipment and enforceable standards to mitigate the risk of transmission, these workers will continue to make all consumers vulnerable. CFA and other food policy advocates submitted the following letter to Congressional leaders asking for these and other common sense measures, including continued enforcement of food safety protections and expanding eligibility for the Meals on Wheels program to all seniors. According to the groups, the measures are critical to ensure that safe, healthy, affordable food is available to all consumers.