Government Surveillance

CFA Joined Consumer and Civil Rights Organizations in a Letter Calling for The Suspension of Face Recognition Technology Use by the Department of Homeland Security

The use of face recognition technology by the DHS poses serious risks to privacy and civil liberties, threatens immigrants, broadly impacts American citizens, and has been implemented without proper safeguards in place or explicit Congressional approval. Moreover, the extraordinary breach of the images of travelers’ faces and license plates, surveillance-equipment schematics and sensitive contracting documents by a CBP contractor has made clear that these programs are creating new risks to the privacy and security of Americans. Through carelessly managed programs, DHS itself created new security threats. It would be irresponsible for DHS to move forward with face recognition programs that collect massive amounts of sensitive data until a thorough investigation of this incident is completed and the agency demonstrates that it can fully safeguard its systems.

Joint Letter Requesting The Suspension of Face Recognition Technology Use by DHS