CFA Joined 87 Groups to Support HR 2547 – The Comprehensive Debt Collection Improvement Act

CFA joined 87 public interest, legal services, consumer, labor, and civil rights organizations in a letter to the House of Representatives in support of HR 2547, a bill that would a wide variety of critical reforms, including:

  • Prohibiting the use of confessions of judgment as an unfair credit practice that eliminates notice and the right to be heard;
  • Prohibiting certain abusive collection practices directed at service members, including threats to reduce rank or revoke security clearance;
  • Requiring discharge of private student loans due to total and permanent disability;
  • Prohibiting collection of medical debt for the first two years and credit reporting of debt arising from any medically necessary procedures;
  • Requiring debt collectors to obtain consent before using electronic communications and provide written validation notices;
  • Amending the FDCPA to expand and clarify coverage, including extending coverage for all federal, state, and local debts collected by debt collectors;
  • Adjusting statutory damages in the FDCPA for inflation and indexing them to index for inflation in the future; and
  • Clarifying FDCPA coverage for non-judicial foreclosures.