Auto Safety

Senator Blumenthal Addresses Over 70 Million Vehicles on the Road with Open Recalls

The Used Car Safety Recall Act will Save Lives

Issue: In the last 10 years, over 280 million vehicles have been recalled. With recall completion rates in the 70-75% level[1] that leaves over 70 million vehicles on the road with open recalls.

Washington D.C. — 70 million vehicles on the road with open recalls pose a significant safety danger.  “While these open recalls present a clear hazard to the vehicle occupants, they are also a hazard to other drivers and pedestrians,” said Jack Gillis, CFA’s Executive Director and author of The Car Book.     

            “Senator Richard Blumenthal’s Used Car Safety Recall Act will be a giant step forward in eliminating the estimated 70 million vehicles with open recalls on the nation’s roadways.  Not only will this bill protect used car buyers, but it will put significant pressure on the car companies to fix the defects,” said Gillis.  Used car sales represent about 75% of vehicle sales.  As a result of Senator Blumenthal’s bill, thousands of used car dealers will be putting pressure on the automakers to fix recalls so they can sell their vehicles.

The automobile recall program is one of the government’s most important auto safety functions, but to be truly effective, car dealers should not be allowed to simply resell vehicles with known and correctable defects.  “It is illegal to sell new cars with open recalls and we agree 100% with Senator Blumenthal that it should be illegal to sell a used car with an open recall.  Simply put, profiting from the sale of any product with a known defect is unconscionable,” said Gillis.

[1] According to NHTSA’s Vehicle Safety Recall Completion Rates Report, May 2017.