Auto Sales/Service

Brochure: How to Avoid Auto Fraud

Get the Facts About Auto Financing and Sales


  • Before you visit a dealer, line up good financing with a bank or credit union.
  • Before you negotiate the price of a new car, check for price information at; for a used car, check the value at
  • Never tell the dealer how much you are willing to spend per month; instead, negotiate a fair cash price for the car.
  • Negotiate the price of the new car first, before the dealer evaluates how much you’ll get for your trade-in. Keep negotiations separate and beware of a monthly car note that hides the price of the new car and what you are getting for the trade-in.
  • For used cars, get an independent, expert vehicle inspection before you buy.
  • Check the vehicle’s Vehicle ID Number (VIN) at; other vehicle history reports may be unreliable.
  • Test drive the vehicle and examine it closely for signs of prior damage.