More Progress on Identity Theft Services Measuring Up to CFA Best Practices

Two Companies Join CFA ID Theft Service Best Practices Working Group

Washington, D.C. (September 19, 2013) – Consumer Federation of America (CFA) announced today that  EZShield has improved the information on its website about its identity theft services based on  voluntary guidelines, Best Practices for Identity Theft Services, which CFA developed with the help of industry representatives and consumer advocates. The best practices initiative sprang from a 2009 CFA study that raised concerns about misrepresentations, lack of clear and complete information, and other problems with identity theft services. EZShield has also joined CFA’s Identity Theft Service Best Practices Working Group, which seeks to promote good industry practices.

Last year CFA issued a report analyzing how identity theft service providers’ websites were measuring up to the best practices and making specific recommendations for improvements. EZShield responded positively by changing specific language on its website regarding consumer protections, its refund and cancelation policy, and its Service Guarantee to comply with the best practices outlined by CFA. “We are pleased with the cooperation that we have had from EZShield and its interest in continuing to work with us,” said Susan Grant, CFA’s Director of Consumer Protection. “At EZShield, our number one concern is safeguarding individuals, business owners and businesses from the growing threat of fraud and identity theft,” said Dale Dabbs, CEO of EZShield. “We’re proud to be working with CFA going forward to ensure that best practices are followed.”

Another company that provides identity theft protection, Equifax, had already made improvements to its website as described in a June 5, 2013 CFA press release and has now  formally joined the CFA working group.”We hope that other identity theft service providers will embrace our best practices and give potential customers clear and accurate information about what they do to help consumers,” said Ms. Grant.

Tips on shopping for identity theft services and other information about identity theft are available on CFA’s website.

Contact: Susan Grant, 202-939-1003

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