o This will give manufacturers crucial information necessary to directly contact consumers in the event of a recall or other product safety issue. o In Congressional testimony in 2004, Danny’s mother, Linda Ginzel, testified, “after Danny died, many people asked why the original owner hadn’t sent in the registration card. If she had done so, they reasoned, the company would have been able to notify her. The only problem is that there was no registration card included with this product. Why aren’t manufacturers required to include registration cards, especially for durable children’s products like cribs? If they had done so, my son would be alive today.” Section 104 has Proven to be Effective: • The United States now has the strongest crib safety standards in the world which requires stronger mattress supports, more durable hardware and rigorous safety testing. • The play yard standard requires that new play yards meet a new protective safety standard and will have to be tested to ensure compliance with the standard. • Cribs in child care facilities and hotels have to meet the robust mandatory crib standard. • Consumers are now able to register infant and durable products online or by mailing cards included in products. • In 2016, no deaths were reported prior to a recall of a children’s product. Recommendations: • We urge the CPSC to continue to commit the staff time and resources necessary to prioritize the promulgation of these rules. • The CPSC has the authority to add additional products under section 104 and we urge them to use this authority to protect infants and toddlers.