Seven-Year KID Checkup on 8 consumer products they own or are considering purchasing. We urge consumers to utilize the reporting feature to inform other consumers. Reported incidents give other families the ability to inform their purchasing or use decisions to keep their children safe. Notes on research, definitions and terminology Category Definitions Data review consolidated products into the following categories: • Clothing & Accessories • Diapers • Electronics • Furniture & Home • Nursery Products • Laundry Pods • Outdoor/Sports • Toys • Other KID included a separate category of Diapers due to the large number of reports regarding a specific brand and hazard. Electronics refers to any electronic device specifically intended for children such as a children’s learning tablet, and it also includes night lights. Furniture & Home refers to furniture and televisions involved in a tip-over incident, outlet covers, cabinet locks and children’s glassware. Nursery Products refers to products used specifically for infants such as strollers, cribs, baby entertainment centers, high chairs and pacifiers. Outdoor/Sports primarily are made up of incidents involving bikes or hoverboards. Other refers to products that did not fit in any other category including books and prescription medication containers. Hazard Definitions After review of each consumer report, KID identified 11 primary product hazards, as follows: • Bodily Injury/Fall • Burn/Fire • Choking • Drowning • Entrapment • Ingestion • Mold • Rash/Reaction • Strangulation • Suffocation • Other It should be noted that bodily injury includes both bodily impacts such as bruising as well as lacerations. Ingestion incudes poisonous and non-poisonous substances, as well as incidences where children have been exposed to lead or other neurotoxins. Entrapment include incidents of children’s limbs being caught, especially between crib rails, as well as incidences of full body entrapment such as a tent collapse.