Seven-Year KID Checkup on 5 Total 2159 Brands Because data is entered and not always corrected, misspellings of brands and models can be hard to catch. For children’s products in the database, the following chart shows the most commonly named brands. Table 3. Top nursery product brands named in published reports on between March 11, 2018 and July 11, 2018 Brand Reported Frequency Most common product/model Fisher Price 360 Rock’n’Play Pampers 144 Diapers Graco 117 Assorted products Hazards Individuals who submitted reports that were published, choose to report products to, most commonly because they felt that a specific product posed a bodily injury hazard (44%), choking (14%) or entrapment (11%) to a child (Table 3). In each of these hazard categories, infants and toddlers were the most likely to be affected by these hazards. Fifty percent of reporters reporting a bodily injury threat were for children under the age of three, 73% of choking hazards and 79% of entrapment hazards were all for children under the age of three as well (Table 4). Table 3. Hazard frequency and associated percentages of reports published on to between March 11, 2011 and July 11, 2018. Reported Frequency Percentage Bodily Injury 2447 44% Burn/Fire 434 8% Choking 799 14% Drowning 44 1% Entrapment 568 11% Ingestion 245 4% Mold 295 5% Rash/Reaction 314 6% Strangulation 132 2% Suffocation 153 3% Other 117 2% Total 5547 100%