Total Recall: The Need For CPSC Reform Now July 2008 Page 5 2008 recalls that involve hazards addressed in ASTM F-963-07 but NOT in current mandatory standards Section of 963 Recall Number of Units Section 4.15 Stability and Overload eStyle Toy Kitchens for tipover 65 Sears & Kmart Play Stoves for tipover 17,000 (one injury reported) Tek Nek Rocker Toy for fall 122,000 (ten injuries) Section 4.25: Battery Operated Toys Cinderella battery operated cars for fire and burn 64,000 RC Helicopter at Walgreens for fire and burn 102,000 RC Helicopter by Westminster for fire and burn 15,000 RC Helicopter by Soft Air for fire and burn 152,000 (one injury reported) Section 4.27: Toy Chests Bayside Furnishings Youth Bed Toy Chests for strangulation 9,350 (one death reported) Section 4.39: Magnets Magnetic Dart Boards by Henry Gordy 250,000 Magtastick and Magnetix Jr. 1,100,000 (one injury reported) Magnaman by Mega Brands 1,300,000 Battat magnetic construction sets 125,000 Family Dollar Magnetic Dart Boards7 870,000 Battat magnetic Construction sets 7,000 If Congress fails to make the ASTM standard mandatory, toys with small magnets, elastic cords (i.e. yo-yo water balls), toxic heavy metals, and spherical shaped ends, as well as those that emit noise, project, and/or fold will not be tested for safety.