Seven-Year KID Checkup on 2 - Consumers should frequent the site whenever they are looking to make a purchase, checking a hand-me-down, or have an adverse experience with a product. Introduction Kids In Danger (KID) downloaded 21,372 incident reports published on between March 3, 2011 and July 11, 2018 that either identified a victim age 18 or under or did not identify a victim age. From there, reports that did not involve products intended for children, or two of the most common product hazards that affect children: furniture tip overs including televisions, and laundry pods were removed. That reduced the data set 5,547 incident reports which the following report will analyze. As the information in this report was gathered from consumer reports submitted to, it does not include subsequent information that may be found in subsequent investigations. Therefore, the data collected and analyzed in this report documents consumer’s experience with a product, not official findings or defects. Report Findings Ages Affected When filing incident reports, approximately 20 percent of individuals did not list the age of the victim of the incident. In some of these cases it was due to a non-consumer identifying product hazards, but in most cases, the field was left blank due to a hazard reported without injury. The reports were then broken down into age categories representing infants and toddlers (0-2), preschoolers (3-5), children (6-14) and late teens (15-18). As age increased, the number of consumer reports appeared to decrease with infants and toddlers making up 56% of all reports. Figure 1. Reports published on between March 3, 2011 and July 11, 2018 by identified incident age group. 0 to 2 56% 3 to 5 13% 6 to 14 12% 15 to 18 1% Unspecified 19%