Table of Contents Press Releases ▪ 10th Anniversary of Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act: Safer Products, Better Tools for Informed Purchasing, Increased Safety, More to Do (August 14, 2018) ▪ Consumer Groups Call on Congress to Finalize Product Safety Legislation Now (July 17, 2008) ▪ Consumer Groups Applaud Senate Passage of Strong Product Safety Bill (July 31, 2008) ▪ Consumer Groups Applaud President for Signing Strong Product Safety Bill into Law (August 14, 2008) Reports ▪ New Worries Over Lead (December 2007) ▪ Total Recall: The Need for CPSC Reform Now (July 2008) ▪ Seven-Year KID Checkup on (August 1, 2018) Factsheets ▪ The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (August 2018) ▪ The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act Gave the CPSC More Tools to Hold Violators of Product Safety Rules Accountable (August 2018) ▪ The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act and Lead (August 2018) ▪ The Consumer Product Incident Database – (August 2018) ▪ Phthalates Have Been Significantly Reduced in Children’s Products as a Result of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (August 2018) ▪ Section 104 of the CPSIA— Danny’s Law Leads to Improved Safety Standards for Infant and Toddler Products (August 2018) ▪ Section 219 – Whistleblower Protections for Employees Who Disclose Unsafe Products (August 2018) Press Clippings, Graphics, and Photos ▪ Thomas the Tank Engine Toys Recalled Because of Lead Paint, New York Times (June 15, 2007) ▪ Dangerous Sealer Stayed on Shelves After Recall, New York Times (October 8, 2007) ▪ Safety Bill a Boy’s Sad Legacy, Chicago Tribune (July 29, 2008) ▪ Examples of Pre-CPSIA Dropside Crib Entrapment ▪ A Safer Generation of Cribs: New Federal Requirements, CPSC ▪ Victims of Unsafe Products Pre-CPSIA ▪ Story of Abigail Hartung ▪ Press Events: Stroller Rally, Toxic Toys Press Event, CPSIA Tenth Anniversary Celebration