Other Resources

See these other CFA websites:

IDTheftInfo.org provides information to help consumers learn how to reduce the chances of becoming identity theft victims, detect identity theft quickly if it does happen, and deal with the consequences. There is also information for businesses about how to keep employee and customer information secure.

PayDay Loan Consumer Information provides information to help consumers understand payday loans, a way to calculate the cost of using them, and efforts around the country to regulate them.

America Saves Americasaves.org web site provides information about a national campaign geared to increase savings in American households.

Buy energy efficient web site provides information on buying energy efficient products for the home.

Our state and local page provides information on consumer groups working on consumer issues.

Consumer Federation of America’s Official Facebook page.

Follow Consumer Federation of America on Twitter.

Visit these sites for more information on consumer-related topics:

The U.S. Consumer Gateway is a one-stop link to a broad range of federal information resources available online. Search for information on food, health, product safety, finances, and transportation.

Consumer Reports is a source for unbiased advice about products and services, personal finance, health and nutrition and other consumer-related topics.

Consumers Union, the nonprofit publisher of Consumer Reports magazine, provides information on a variety of consumer issues, including health care, financial services, food safety, product safety and more.

The Consumer Information Center provides full text of hundreds of federal consumer publications on topics such as cars, children, food and nutrition, health, housing, finances, and travel, among others.

Consumer World® is a compilation of useful consumer resources on the Internet, including product reviews, discount travel, consumer agency contacts, mortgage rates, wholesale car prices, general finance tips and more.

The Partnership for Food Safety Education is a not-for-profit organization that unites industry associations, professional societies in food science, nutrition and health, consumer groups, and the U.S. government to educate the public about safe food handling.