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Testimony & Comments

  • Group Comments to DOT-OST on Current Airline Consumer Protections NPRM, 09/10/2014. (PDF)
  • CFA letter Urging U.S. House to Oppose H.R. 4516, the Transparent Airline Act of 2014, 07/18/2014. (PDF)
  • CFA Comments on the Transportation Security Administration’s Use of Advanced Imaging Technology, 06/24/2013. (PDF)
  • CFA Signs Letter to Air Transport Association Regarding Airlines Pocketing $500 million in Savings and Other Anti-consumer Policies, 09/14/11. (PDF)
  • CFA Joins Other Groups in Supporting Requirements for Increased Airline Pricing Transparency, 09/14/11. (PDF)
  • Groups Urge DOT to Require Airlines to Disclose All Fees in Advance and Through All Ticketing Channels, 09/20/10. (PDF)
  • CFA Signs Petition for Suspension of TSA Full Body Scanner Program, 04/29/10. (PDF)
  • Comments to the FTC Calling for Better Regulation of Privacy in Travel Data, 11/6/09. (PDF)
  • Dr. Mark Cooper Testimony on the Financial State of the Airline Industry and the Potential Impact of a Delta/Northwest Merger, 05/07/08. (PDF)
  • Testimony of Dr. Mark Cooper on the State of the Airline Industry, 03/13/08. (PDF)

Rail Transport


  • Bulk Commodities and the Rails: Still Crazy After All These Years, 05/01/09. (PDF)

Testimony and Comments

  • Testimony of Dr. Mark Cooper on Railroad Trust Enforcement Act of 2009, 05/19/09. (PDF)


Consumer Information

  • The Cooperative Difference: Consumers Helping Themselves to Meet Needs and Save Money. (PDF)

Press Releases

  • National Survey Finds Americans Rate Consumer Cooperatives More Highly Than For-Profit Businesses on Measures ofQuality and Service, 05/01/12. (PDF)
  • Survey Reveals More Trust for Cooperatives than for Investor-Owned Corporations, 10/01/03. (PDF)